30 September 2013

Dream Bannock

Maybe it's because the weather is turning colder; maybe because I've been putting in more hours on my stock photography website, but lately I've been having more and more food- and specifically cooking-related dreams. Last week I had a very scientific dream about making cinnamon hearts out of common household pantry items, which made complete sense in the dream, but upon waking... did not.

Bannock in bed

But this weekend I took a long nap in the afternoon during which I very methodically made some dough for bannock. Later when I wanted something to accompany the soup I made for dinner, I decided to go ahead and follow the recipe from my dream (with a little help from an actual recipe from the internet), and this was the tasty result.

Dream Bannock
2 cups flour
1 Tbsp baking powder
a few pinches of salt
about 1 Tbsp ground-up flax and chia seeds
1 cup water
2 Tbsp Earth Balance
a pinch of fleur de sel

Mix together dry ingredients. Incorporate water until just mixed, and shape into a ball. Heat 1 Tbsp Earth Balance in skillet and flatten ball into a circle covering the entire surface. Cook about 8 minutes on medium heat (or until you just start to smell it maybe burning!); spread top with 1 Tbsp Earth Balance and sprinkle with fleur de sel, then flip and cook a few minutes more, covered. It’s ready when you stick a knife in it and it comes out clean.

02 September 2013


FYI: I pretty much only eat soup now. Originally this blog was to make me a better cook, but my long silences don’t mean I’ve been busy in the kitchen; rather I’ve been busy forgetting how to cook.

But at least I am mastering the art of adding ingredients to cans of soup. Yesterday’s concoction was Mushroom Barley soup, to which I added red lentils, quinoa flakes, corn and tofu. Today’s Lentil soup features barley pearls, corn, broccoli, carrots, cauliflower, tomato and tofu.

I can't quite tell if I'm being healthy, but surely it beats a frozen pizza (which I still eat on non-soup days). (HOW CAN YOU NOT WITH THESE $3 NO FRILLS SALES)
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