15 October 2012


A good percentage of me has been made of this shelf since May.
I wasn't lying about eating all those cans of soup. For some time this has been what I have been made of. But lately Pizza Pops have been on sale at No Frills and things have taken a turn for the worse.

So it is time to start cooking again. These things don't just happen overnight, so this evening I am using, well, a can of soup. However, the more things you add to it, the more it feels like you are cooking. Once you've mastered that feeling, then perhaps you can ease back into making real food. Until then, try adding the following to your Campbell's Tomato Soup:

• red lentils
• frozen corn
• red pepper flakes
• nutritional yeast
• salt + pepper

It's all about forming healthy habits so don't be shy, just throw a bunch of stuff into the pot already. There, you're doing it! YOU'RE COOKING. You're coooookiiiinngnnnggggg

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