23 July 2012

Rose Melberg Mushroom Gravy

Untitled I came back from our island tour with a deeper love in my heart for my band mates and a recipe in my head for vegan mushroom gravy from our bass player Rose. Then I got stood up for dinner by my lady friends, so I went home and did something I haven't done in almost three months: I COOKED.

Well, I cooked gravy, anyway. Like this:

Mushroom Gravy
Chop up a few mushrooms and a handful of walnuts, and sauté in some oil (actually I used butter). Add 1 Tbsp flour to make a roux. Gradually stir in 4 cups water with 2 mushroom stock cubes. Simmer until it reaches desired thickness, and season with black pepper and Braggs.

Nanaimo I smothered a pile of cheese tortellini with it and sprinkled on some Parmesan cheese, and it was amazing. Rose would be proud. Except for the fact that I obliterated its vegan-ness in every way possible. But I think she would understand.

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