30 May 2012

Richmond Food Blogger: It Isn't Me

On June 5 they will be announcing the Richmond Food Blogger, one lucky individual who will eat in Richmond every day and night for a whole year, and get paid $50,000 to blog about the ordeal. Here are a couple reasons to be glad that it won't be me:

I went to a Taiwanese restaurant in Richmond with Max last week; it was good but I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S CALLED.

I went to Chen's Shanghai Restaurant with some friends this past Sunday but I was so hungry that I didn't take pictures. This was immediately followed by me being extremely full. In any case I will try to remember the dishes because I intend to return: Soup dumplings, dan dan noodles, beef roll, other kinds of dumplingy things...

Anyway I DID take photos at the mystery Taiwanese restaurant, so here they are with descriptions to the best of my memory:

Untitled Pork dish with brown sauce and cilantro.

Untitled A soupy crab dish with tofu and a mushroom-like thing.

Untitled Three-(I think)-spice chicken wings.

Untitled My favourite: rice cakes with some pork I think.

Untitled Mayonnaisey dish feat. deep-fried prawns and pineapple.

Richmond you are tasty and I love you, but someone else can blog about you now.

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