30 May 2012

Richmond Food Blogger: It Isn't Me

On June 5 they will be announcing the Richmond Food Blogger, one lucky individual who will eat in Richmond every day and night for a whole year, and get paid $50,000 to blog about the ordeal. Here are a couple reasons to be glad that it won't be me:

I went to a Taiwanese restaurant in Richmond with Max last week; it was good but I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S CALLED.

I went to Chen's Shanghai Restaurant with some friends this past Sunday but I was so hungry that I didn't take pictures. This was immediately followed by me being extremely full. In any case I will try to remember the dishes because I intend to return: Soup dumplings, dan dan noodles, beef roll, other kinds of dumplingy things...

Anyway I DID take photos at the mystery Taiwanese restaurant, so here they are with descriptions to the best of my memory:

Untitled Pork dish with brown sauce and cilantro.

Untitled A soupy crab dish with tofu and a mushroom-like thing.

Untitled Three-(I think)-spice chicken wings.

Untitled My favourite: rice cakes with some pork I think.

Untitled Mayonnaisey dish feat. deep-fried prawns and pineapple.

Richmond you are tasty and I love you, but someone else can blog about you now.

29 May 2012

A Nik Bunting Food Thing

A Nik Bunting food thing Halftime at the Giants comedy finale at the Cultch: a Nik Bunting food thing. It was banana-something-something drizzled with something sauce. I didn't listen closely enough because I thought it was a joke. And then I ATE THE JOKE.

28 May 2012

Convince Jackie To Make Us A Pie Night

Untitled Here are some Instagram photos from Convince Jackie To Make Us A Pie Night, using various old-timey filters so you can not tell what decade this happened in.

Untitled ... It happened a couple weeks ago.

Meringue mishaps at Convince Jackie To Make Us A Pie Night I decided to show Jackie how it's done with the whipping of the meringue. Except that what got done was a mild splattering of egg whites all over the walls and various kitchen things.

Untitled Pre-oven pie. I suppose I should point out, if it is not yet clear, that the pie in question is of the Lemon Meringue variety.

Untitled A post-oven pie reclines with a bottle of Maker's Mark (my contribution to the evening).

Untitled Delicious food times! By the way this event came into existence through the combination of a blog comment and the Facebook Events feature. Know that if you comment on my blog, it may very well get turned into an event. So. Comment away people!

20 May 2012

Riceballs I Have Known

Riceball (not the cat) Riceball, the half-eaten triangle of barbecued sticky rice from Zakkushi. Good for soaking up leftover sauces from skewers and agedashi tofu.

Riceball the cat Riceball, the neighbourhood cat that hangs out at Blenz and has more friends in the West End than I do (NOT EDIBLE).

02 May 2012

Food That Disappeared (Into My Belly)

Here is what that stuff is. Literary food at the book launch for Alex Leslie's People Who Disappear. Open Sesame catered the event with food inspired by the book's short stories.

Literary food at the book launch for Alex Leslie's People Who Disappear WHAT DOES IT MEAN Untitled Untitled Untitled
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