23 April 2012

A Weekend Bookended By Pizza

FARINA, a new pizza place to looooove. Even without a liquor license.
On Friday night we ate at Farina, which immediately joined the ranks of my favourite pizza places in town. Goldies, Nicli, Farina and Barbarella cut a solid line of delicious pizzas intersecting the city of Vancouver from downtown to Broadway. Thank you, Vancouver, for becoming such an amazing pizzaland in the last couple years.

Pictured above: Funghi (left: mushrooms, mozzarella, parmesan, red onions, garlic and arugula) and Finocchiona (fennel sausage, tomato sauce, provolone, basil, spicy peppers and parmesan). The former was so flavourful you don't even notice the absence of tomato sauce. Which is, in my opinion, the ingredient that makes pizza pizza. The latter rivals Barbarella's Salsiccia, and it is the best pizza I have had since I don't even know when.

Lunch/dinner at The Main on Saturday: AVGOLEMONO. A creamy Greek soup made of eggs and lemon, that tastes not unlike Hollandaise sauce with rice (in the best possible way). Also consumed: nachos (not pictured).

More Jay Food
Sunday night dinner part one by Jay: broccoli, veggie sausage and onions with MSG (Maggi) and sambal oelek.

Dr Oetker, a doctor of pizza
Sunday night dinner part two: a frozen Dr Oetker's Casa di Mama peppers and three cheese pizza; highly satisfying for the frozen variety. The cheese is good! Sauce is good too. It's definitely a "buy".

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