11 April 2012

Back to Basics

Michelle Meals superfans will notice that I have not been blogging every day like I used to. Gone are the days of daily posts with sad pizza slices on the way to band practice, even sadder burnt frozen pizzas, and platefuls of cheese that I ate for dinner. But I have been hard at work behind the scenes all this time. MORE ON THAT LATER.

In the meantime, while I'm working on my SUPER SECRET PROJECT that I will explain sooner or later, I'm going to go back to old school Michelle Meals-ing it for the rest of the month of April. Starting yesterday:

That weird curry.
Except that yesterday I forgot to take a photo of our dinner. So here's a photo of the dinner from the night before, which also served as yesterday's lunch. It's that ole super-easy veggie curry from a little while ago. It didn't taste as good as back then, which I attribute to using that weird lime juice that comes in a lime-shaped bottle instead of the juice of real limes.

Last night was portobello mushroom burgers, which I hope to have again soon because they were so delicious. And I likely will be having them again soon, since I bought a giant bag of buns to eat them with. BUN-MEALS AHEAD.

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