08 March 2012

Scalloped Porchetta Sandwich

The last few days found me continually willing myself to become hungry again to make room for the loads of delicious foods I was ingesting at the photo shoot for an upcoming book about Canadian classics. I got to star in one of the photos; well, chicken pot pie was the star; I was a prop.

There are some amazing recipes in this book -- including, so far, the best cinnamon buns, quiche, coffee cake and butter tarts I've ever tasted... But the most exciting food thing this week was when I built this sandwich using some photo leftovers: a thick slice of porchetta, topped with tomatoes and kale and smeared with some cheesy scalloped potatoes, on my own homemade Tartine sesame bread. I realized that I've never actually eaten porchetta before! This was a pretty wonderful introduction to it.

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