23 March 2012

Michelle's Favourite Canada's Favourite Recipes

This week we wrapped up the shoot for Canada's Favourite Recipes, Rose Murray and Elizabeth Baird's canon of classic Canadian cuisine. The week began with blueberry pie for breakfast and ended with rhubarb meringue pie for dinner. I've already compiled a list of recipes I want to make once the book comes out, including the pies, the tomato crumble, Seville orange marmalade and chicken souvlaki. And everything else mentioned in my last post. Delicious, delicious stuff.

Now available as a freelance napkin organizer and colour coordinator
What does an art director do at a photo shoot, besides eat all the food and take Instagram photos of it? Well, for one, I organized and colour coordinated Tracey's napkins for her. Tough work.

I am also the proud new owner of a cookie press -- specifically, the Wilton Cookie Pro Ultra II.

My shortbread babies.
These are my shortbread babies. You know what to expect next Christmas.

08 March 2012

Scalloped Porchetta Sandwich

The last few days found me continually willing myself to become hungry again to make room for the loads of delicious foods I was ingesting at the photo shoot for an upcoming book about Canadian classics. I got to star in one of the photos; well, chicken pot pie was the star; I was a prop.

There are some amazing recipes in this book -- including, so far, the best cinnamon buns, quiche, coffee cake and butter tarts I've ever tasted... But the most exciting food thing this week was when I built this sandwich using some photo leftovers: a thick slice of porchetta, topped with tomatoes and kale and smeared with some cheesy scalloped potatoes, on my own homemade Tartine sesame bread. I realized that I've never actually eaten porchetta before! This was a pretty wonderful introduction to it.
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