15 February 2012

Non-Vegetarian Tofu

How To Get A Tofu-Hater To Like Tofu

First, you need to cut it into fairly skinny cube-type shapes. (It = the extra-firm kind.) Season with some salt and pepper and toss into a pan over medium-high heat with some kind of oil (preferably a kind that won't burn at higher temperatures).

Secondly, it is essential that you get a good sear. This means it's going to be frying in the pan for a while, and don't turn the cubes too often! When they start to brown, then the sugars that are naturally present are caramelizing (read: turning delicious). The browner the better, so long as it doesn't burn.

Now: Smother it in a meat-flavoured sauce! Like President's Choice Butter Chicken. Sure, some chickens died to make this meal. But not nearly as many as if you were making the authentic dish.

Now it's time to WOW your tofu-hating friend! And get ready to hear them say, I can't belieive it's not chicken! (Nope: it's just chicken-flavoured non-chicken.) Oh yeah: Serve on a bed of field greens with a side of veggies for extra healthiness bonus points.

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