09 February 2012

No-Name Rolled Oatmeal Cookies


Oh, there's more of you. Hey guys. These dudes came from a recipe on the back of a no-name bag of old-fashioned rolled oats.

No-name oatmeal cookies recipe
I followed it pretty closely, except for the part where I didn't have any granulated sugar, so I replaced it with (almost the same amount of) chopped dates. Between this and a heavy hand with the coconut ribbons, the dough turned out on the dry side.

Tip: If your cookie dough seems too dry, the resulting cookies will most likely be dry.

After the first batch, I added a little water to the remaining dough to make it, well, wetter.

* Best consumed in the company of coworkers, past and present.

1 comment:

  1. I am trying to buy some of the No Name Oatmeal in the US or order it. Do you know how I can get some? It is the best! MY husband's fav.


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