08 November 2012

Indonesian Lentils

It's some food Ok I cooked a thing. Actually I have been combining these things semi-regularly lately: onions, broccoli, tomatoes and lentils with kecap manis (Indonesian soy sauce).

Tonight though there was no onion so instead I used half a packet of Lipton French Onion soup mix. Other additions: marinated artichokes, the oil that the artichokes were marinated in, and a pinch of saffron. This is to confirm that all of these ingredients together are acceptable.

15 October 2012


A good percentage of me has been made of this shelf since May.
I wasn't lying about eating all those cans of soup. For some time this has been what I have been made of. But lately Pizza Pops have been on sale at No Frills and things have taken a turn for the worse.

So it is time to start cooking again. These things don't just happen overnight, so this evening I am using, well, a can of soup. However, the more things you add to it, the more it feels like you are cooking. Once you've mastered that feeling, then perhaps you can ease back into making real food. Until then, try adding the following to your Campbell's Tomato Soup:

• red lentils
• frozen corn
• red pepper flakes
• nutritional yeast
• salt + pepper

It's all about forming healthy habits so don't be shy, just throw a bunch of stuff into the pot already. There, you're doing it! YOU'RE COOKING. You're coooookiiiinngnnnggggg

14 September 2012

Death of a Plant

Sorry plant After Sonya took attentive care of my peppermint plant while I was away, I went and forgot to water it for two weeks. I have not yet figured out how to keep the kind of plants that you eat alive, but in the meantime I figured I'd take advantage of the death of Mr Peppermint by making him into a salad.

Plant afterlife The original recipe is over here; it is basically a grapefruit, an avocado, olive oil, lemon juice, honey, pepper and a handful of mint leaves. Glad to get one meal out of the little guy. And glad to not eat a frozen pizza or a can of soup, because hey, all these nights I have not been posting, that's what has been going into my belly. Back to basics.

05 September 2012

Oh hey guys

Oops, August came and went without a single post from yours truly. I have a reasonable excuse -- I was away for half the month on tour with my band. (More on that later.)

Untitled I hadn't cooked in so long, it appears that I had even forgotten how to make popcorn. Here is my first attempt. Apparently you're not supposed to heat the oil on max for five minutes prior to popping.

Untitled I tried again at a more temperate setting, and: success! Welcome back to my life, popcorn. Bring on the Buffy.

31 July 2012

Red Lentil, Tomato & Rice Soup

This week's meals are brought to you by a lost wallet. Having no money until I receive my replacement bank or credit card or whatever comes first, I had to rely on the contents of my kitchen cupboard.

Affordable dinner for people with lost wallets
Tonight's Ingredients
• 6 Tbsp No Name brand skim milk powder
• 2 cans Campbell's Tomato Soup
• 2 soup-cans-full of water
• 1/4 cup President's Choice long grain rice
• 1/4 cup No Name brand red lentils
• salt & pepper

Affordable lunch for people with lost wallets.
Other meals this week: Crackers & cheese for dinner; crown of broccoli for lunch; half a bag o' Doritos for dinner; half a bag of Doritos plus half a crown of broccoli for lunch.

23 July 2012

Rose Melberg Mushroom Gravy

Untitled I came back from our island tour with a deeper love in my heart for my band mates and a recipe in my head for vegan mushroom gravy from our bass player Rose. Then I got stood up for dinner by my lady friends, so I went home and did something I haven't done in almost three months: I COOKED.

Well, I cooked gravy, anyway. Like this:

Mushroom Gravy
Chop up a few mushrooms and a handful of walnuts, and sauté in some oil (actually I used butter). Add 1 Tbsp flour to make a roux. Gradually stir in 4 cups water with 2 mushroom stock cubes. Simmer until it reaches desired thickness, and season with black pepper and Braggs.

Nanaimo I smothered a pile of cheese tortellini with it and sprinkled on some Parmesan cheese, and it was amazing. Rose would be proud. Except for the fact that I obliterated its vegan-ness in every way possible. But I think she would understand.

28 June 2012

Meat Island

Palomino While I missed the majority of the bands that I intended to see at Sled Island, I also made a couple musical discoveries, and just as importantly a few fffoooodddddiscoveries!

Peanut-shirted guy But before I get to all that: a stop at McDonalds for a good ole cheeseburger. We rolled into town pretty late and had to play a show immediately and then see our friend's show, so by the time we were ready to eat dinner it was almost midnight and this was the only thing open downtown. The lineup was endless, but it featured this guy wearing a Peanut T-shirt.

Whatsa matter with a pizza pie Late-night eating would soon be replaced by visits to CPU (Canadian Pizza Unlimited), at 11th and 5th.

CPU The best worst pizza: it wouldn't be that good, except that it's so fresh because it's the only non-McDonalds place to eat after midnight.

Scotch Caesars for breakfast at the Area We began the next morning with free samples of Scotch Caesars for breakfast at The Area, which sounds like a nifty idea, but the thick rim of steak salt was conducive to an afternoon of severe garlic breath, and the scotch really overpowered everything in an unfortunate way.

Untitled However, we found out we could get samples of the scotch alone, at which point I discovered that it tastes amazing. Here it is. I love it. It was very tempting to sneak off with one of these boxes.

The Area scotch & dogs There were also breakfast hot dogs, served by B.A. Johnston. The Area is probably the most interesting venue in town (that I saw), complete with campfires, tented areas with tree stump seats, a maze of a garden and beekeeping nests. Oh and also some bands (most notably Cousins), playing in an old abandoned school house.

Ship & Anchor Bulleit Bourbon Another drink discovery: I asked for a 'whiskey' at the Ship & Anchor and the bartender said 'what kind' and I said 'the best kind' (I had a free drink ticket), and he brought me Bulleit Bourbon. Which brought up questions of whether or not bourbon is whiskey and what about rye and for that matter the scotch I had yesterday. This is a conversation I've had several times in the midst of whiskey-drinking, but without ever reaching a satisfying conclusion (probably due to the whiskey-drinking). I'm sure that ten minutes on Wikipedia would clear the whole thing up.

Broken City Steak Salad Our artist packages included a ticket for one free menu item at Broken City. I ate a flat iron steak salad. It had field greens, tomatoes, feta cheese and some kind of blueberry balsamic dressing. It is one of my fondest food memories of Calgary. I started eating this and didn't really look up until it was all gone.

Palomino pulled pork mac n cheese; a Watermelon recommendation. The Palomino, which came recommended by both locals and touring bands, was also pretty exciting. A fragrant cloud of BBQ smell hangs in the air around it for an entire city block. I ate the mac and cheese with pulled pork for brunch, then carried the leftovers around the city with me and ate it for dinner as well. A solid, tasty investment.

Twin River Hangover Breakfast A hangover breakfast at Local 510 with Twin River playing in the background. Who doesn't love free breakfast tacos. Not me. Also their coffee was GREAT.

Untitled This was my second year in a row hanging out at Tubby Dog and not eating anything on the menu. It's not that I don't find it intriguing -- particularly the Cap'ns dog smothered in peanut butter, jam and Cap'n Crunch -- it's just that I was saving myself for my beloved Burger Inn.

BURGER INN 2012 Our last stop of the festival, to chase last year's burger dragon. Five of us were present; four burger patties were eaten; three kinds of animals (bison, elk and wild boar) were consumed; only two of us ate burgers.

The Triple Mix: wild boar, elk and bison. Deliciousness was achieved.

14 June 2012

Off The Pizza Track

Untitled Last weekend I attended the launch for Off The Eaten Track's culinary walking tours -- a couple of ladies who lead tours through Vancouver's culinary landscape of food carts, coffees, cocktails and more.

Untitled The launch took place at Pop-Up Pizza, next door to the Toast Collective at Kingsway and Fraser, which features a solid menu of rustic thin-crust pizzas.

Untitled This one was a seafoody special dubbed the 'Game Changer'.

Untitled But the Misfit was my favourite: wild boar rosemary salami, pecorino Toscano, prociutto, chopped basil, Romano and Roma tomatoes.

Untitled Between slices I snuck into the back for a little Pizza-Making-101.

Untitled Restaurants of the pop-up variety are by definition only a short-lived affair, so pizzaholics DON'T DELAY. If you go out for pizza just one night this month, make a trip to Pop-Up Pizza and eat a Misfit for me!

And read more about Off The Eaten Track here.

30 May 2012

Richmond Food Blogger: It Isn't Me

On June 5 they will be announcing the Richmond Food Blogger, one lucky individual who will eat in Richmond every day and night for a whole year, and get paid $50,000 to blog about the ordeal. Here are a couple reasons to be glad that it won't be me:

I went to a Taiwanese restaurant in Richmond with Max last week; it was good but I DON'T KNOW WHAT IT'S CALLED.

I went to Chen's Shanghai Restaurant with some friends this past Sunday but I was so hungry that I didn't take pictures. This was immediately followed by me being extremely full. In any case I will try to remember the dishes because I intend to return: Soup dumplings, dan dan noodles, beef roll, other kinds of dumplingy things...

Anyway I DID take photos at the mystery Taiwanese restaurant, so here they are with descriptions to the best of my memory:

Untitled Pork dish with brown sauce and cilantro.

Untitled A soupy crab dish with tofu and a mushroom-like thing.

Untitled Three-(I think)-spice chicken wings.

Untitled My favourite: rice cakes with some pork I think.

Untitled Mayonnaisey dish feat. deep-fried prawns and pineapple.

Richmond you are tasty and I love you, but someone else can blog about you now.

29 May 2012

A Nik Bunting Food Thing

A Nik Bunting food thing Halftime at the Giants comedy finale at the Cultch: a Nik Bunting food thing. It was banana-something-something drizzled with something sauce. I didn't listen closely enough because I thought it was a joke. And then I ATE THE JOKE.

28 May 2012

Convince Jackie To Make Us A Pie Night

Untitled Here are some Instagram photos from Convince Jackie To Make Us A Pie Night, using various old-timey filters so you can not tell what decade this happened in.

Untitled ... It happened a couple weeks ago.

Meringue mishaps at Convince Jackie To Make Us A Pie Night I decided to show Jackie how it's done with the whipping of the meringue. Except that what got done was a mild splattering of egg whites all over the walls and various kitchen things.

Untitled Pre-oven pie. I suppose I should point out, if it is not yet clear, that the pie in question is of the Lemon Meringue variety.

Untitled A post-oven pie reclines with a bottle of Maker's Mark (my contribution to the evening).

Untitled Delicious food times! By the way this event came into existence through the combination of a blog comment and the Facebook Events feature. Know that if you comment on my blog, it may very well get turned into an event. So. Comment away people!

20 May 2012

Riceballs I Have Known

Riceball (not the cat) Riceball, the half-eaten triangle of barbecued sticky rice from Zakkushi. Good for soaking up leftover sauces from skewers and agedashi tofu.

Riceball the cat Riceball, the neighbourhood cat that hangs out at Blenz and has more friends in the West End than I do (NOT EDIBLE).

02 May 2012

Food That Disappeared (Into My Belly)

Here is what that stuff is. Literary food at the book launch for Alex Leslie's People Who Disappear. Open Sesame catered the event with food inspired by the book's short stories.

Literary food at the book launch for Alex Leslie's People Who Disappear WHAT DOES IT MEAN Untitled Untitled Untitled
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