14 November 2011

Ontario Whirlwind Family Tour, Part I: Pickering

iBurger sushi burger in up magazine
Of interest: this sushi burger at iBurger in Montréal. I didn't go there; just a photo from the magazine on the flight. But it makes me want to stop over in Quebec... Instead I went to Pickering, Ontario.

Here, I learned the proper way to drink both red and white (sweet) vermouth (without spending an extra $60 worth of booze to construct Negronis or Boulevardiers). On the rocks: one slice each orange, lemon and lime; vermouth; splashes of orange juice, lemon juice and soda water; topped with Angostura bitters. A mighty fine apéritif.

Time to eat! But first we must photograph it. Ivan made us weiner schnitzel with Czech potato salad and Czech beer (Kozel). He measured the oil for deep-frying by shooting it with the beam of an infrared sensor gun. Cooking with engineers! The schnitzel was perfect.

My new favourite cognac. I learned what XO (à la the fancy expensive Clément XO rum) means: delicious. (It also means 'extra old'.)

Some sleep, so that we can eat again!

Those eggs are 'double-yolk'. Delicious unborn twin chicken babies. Wikipedia says there are hybrid breeds of hens that lay double-yolk eggs by default. You can detect the two yolks by shining a light through the egg.

The proper way to serve toast.
This is the 'proper way to serve toast': leaning together like a four-sided tee-pee. This way the other pieces that are awaiting being eaten don't get soggy.

Meat-drunk from Czech breakfast.
Meeeeeatt! I ate speck for the first time (a lean, cold-smoked bacon with juniper flavouring, pictured here laying across the middle of the plate) and I LOVE IT. Also on the menu: spicy ham, mortadella (thinly sliced and spiced with nutmeg), and prosciutto (Ivan's favourite, so it must be eaten last).

The aerial view.

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