25 November 2011

Adding veggies and BPA to my diet

I've been seeking out easy ways to make really easy dinners that will add more vegetables to my life. One thing I've started doing since my return from Ontario (where I ate non-vegetables with abandon) is eating salad before making dinner. Using the easiest prepackaged things: a bag of pre-washed baby spinach, a bag of broccoli-carrot slaw, roasted sunflower seeds and store-bought dressing. It may not be the most environmentally friendly salad in town, but it indeed does result in more vegetables inside my body.

I also make an easy dinner which is called Canned Soup Plus Frozen Vegetables. YUM. This particular one consists of Habitant pea soup, with frozen corn and peas and a chopped up red pepper. This dinner contains a satisfactory amount of veggies, and includes a wealth of BPA as well. Hrmmm. So the question is, does the good outweigh the bad? Or vice versa?

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