23 October 2011

Weekend o' Food

Pan Am and a can of pea soup. With chopped zucchini and frozen corn. Pretty good! Pretty, pretty good. (What else have I been watching?)

The Jade Peony
I drank The Jade Peony at D&M's 40th birthday party: cucumber-infused gin, lychee liqueur, lime cordial, soda.

Tortilla soup by Rose!


Café Montmartre's chocolate orange crêpes: worth not resisting.

1/8 of a Bleating Heart.

Fed by vegans at 1 am. I learned exciting things about coconut oil.

First attempt at scone-making....hmmm. They don't look as attractive as other scones I've seen, but judging from some random YouTube videos, I think this dough was a lot wetter (which will probably translate into less dry and therefore more delicious -- I will report back later), resulting in a bumpy surface. I may have to eat these all tonight and try again tomorrow.

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