02 October 2011

Bratwurst & Clover Saturday

What happens when you go to the farmer's market without eating breakfast
This is what happens when you go to the Farmer's Market without having eaten breakfast. But damn this was a fine bratwurst sausage, with delicious curry sauce.

The Starbucks Clover
Next Saturday afternoon stop: Starbucks, where they are pushing Americano drinkers to try the cheaper Clover machine-made coffee, which the barista described as being similar to French press. It's a little more complicated than that though; here's a video of a Clover in action:

I thought this was a new thing, but this video is from two years ago. Maybe it's just new to the Northeast Bute & Robson store. Speaking of which, they're having a Clover tasting there from 4 to 8 pm this Tuesday, October 4. Go try it!

What did I think of the Clover coffee? It was fine. (Definitely better than Starbucks' regular drip coffee, which I never drink due to it being terrible.) It's still not quite as flavourful as the Americano... but while I love a delicious coffee, there are times when I will just as easily grab a gas station coffee, so. Who am I to judge.

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