11 October 2011

4-Hour Body: Day 8 (Cheat Day)

$30 piece of plastic
Breakfast: spinach, lentils, red pepper & cottage cheese (You're supposed to start a cheat day with the usual high protein breakfast; also, drink a glass of citrus juice later before beginning your binge)

Exercise: Bickram yoga (90 minutes). GOOD RIDDANCE HOT YODA! Err yoga. Today was the end of my 7-day pass, which I used three times. I may go on to do more yoga in the future, but it will be some time before I return to Bickram's (if I ever do). I prefer my sweat to come from actual exertion, not artificial atmospheric conditions.

Ayoub's saffron nougatSnack: water with lime juice; three pieces of saffron nougat from Ayoub's

Breakfast #2: vegan zucchini chocolate chip muffin and an Americano with cream from JJ Bean; a piece of toast with butter

Lunch: E3Live; Hawaiian Pizza Garden pizza slice

Snack: two more pieces of nougat

Mini-Pre-Dinner: leftover prawn curry from last night with basmati rice

Dinner: a giant, delicious, vegan Thanksgiving dinner, with several pale ales, coffee & Kahlua and two servings of upside-down pear cake with Coconut Bliss ice cream

Weird, but I wasn't even all that into binging on junk food today... I was more interested in just eating normal foods that I missed like bread, rice and pizza. Though I guess I was also saving space to accommodate the enormous Thanksgiving dinner.

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