10 October 2011

4-Hour Body: Day 7

Ayoub's on Denman
Normally I would have been allowed to have a cheat day by now, but I have Thanksgiving plans for tomorrow, so I'm saving it for then. So, ONE MORE DAY TO GO until cream puffs and chocolate chip muffins and other deliciousness.

Breakfast: lentils, spinach & fried eggs

Breakfast #2: E3Live; coffee

Snack: a couple spoonfuls of leftovers from Friday; spoonful of all natural peanut butter

Snack #2: box of raisins

Exercise: a two-hour walk through Stanley Park with Sonya

Snack #3: handful of raw pistachios from Ayoub's

Snack #4: a few spoonfuls of last night's burrito mush leftovers

Snack #5: cauliflower and spicy hummus

Dinner: prawn curry (prawns, onion, yellow pepper, hot pepper, oyster mushrooms, curry paste, coconut milk, ginger, lime & cilantro) with chickpeas

Dessert: handful of cacao nibs

two glasses of red wine; more pistachios


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