07 October 2011

4-Hour Body: Day 5

Morning #5. #4hb
Breakfast: lentils, peas, parsnips, cauliflower, orange peppers & cottage cheese (seasoning: sage, pepper, onion powder, ground mushroom spice)

Breakfast #2: just coffee

Snack: gala apple

Snack #2: carrots, broccoli & cauliflower with lemon dill hummus

Lunch: black beans & salsa; espresso

Snack #3: cottage cheese

Snack #4: avocado with hot sauce

Snack #5: carrot & celery sticks with spicy hummus

Szechuan Squash!
Dinner: delicata squash, orange peppers, chickpeas, parsnips, cauliflower & ground peanuts with Szechuan peanut sauce, on a bed of green beans with a glass of red wine

Exercise: none

I was surprised how good dinner was! I originally intended to try to use my Spirooli to make noodles out of the squash, knowing nothing about squashes, such as the fact that they are filled with seeds -- not the best to try and force through little noodle-making holes. So instead I seeded the squash and sliced it up and sautéed it in butter. Then added the peppers and sauce, and a couple minutes later the chickpeas, parsnip & cauliflower couscous (because I have so much of it left over) and some ground peanuts.

According to this diet, I think only spaghetti and acorn squash are ok (other squashes are much higher in sugar); you are also not supposed to overdo it on the chickpeas and peanuts (not to mention almonds, cashews, hummus, etc.). Nevertheless I don't think you can say that this dinner wasn't healthy. Everything is relative. I think it was as healthy as it was tasty.

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