04 October 2011

4-Hour Body: Day 2

Green smoooothie. Feat. maca & cacao
So far this diet is fairly easy. I was already in the habit of making green smoothies (I'm ignoring the fact that fruit is frowned upon), I've discovered that eating just black beans and salsa is really delicious, I get to drink red wine, and I know that in just a few days I'll get to cheat and eat whatever I want. I've been feeling good too, and pretty focused.

Breakfast: E3Live; lentils, peas & onions with scrambled eggs; coffee

Breakfast #2: coffee again; green smoothie: greens+, maca powder, cacao powder, dates, strawberries, banana

4-Hour Body: Day 2Snack: Medjool date

Lunch: black beans & salsa

Snack: broccoli & carrots with lemon dill hummus; Medjool date; peanuts

Tiny Lunch #2:
more black beans & salsa

Dinner: Sunrise sesame ginger "tofu n' sauce" stir-fry with chickpeas, onions, zucchini & yellow peppers on green beans with a glass of red wine

Exercise: walking to and from the grocery store and around Park & Tilford Gardens at lunch (30 minutes)

I've already started planning my day of gluttony. So far I want some Oreos and a chocolate chip muffin. (Direct result of product placement in a book, and the smell of fresh-baked muffins that lingers mysteriously in the air outside my work in the morning. [I think it wafts across the creek from J.J. Bean.])

How I Didn't Cheat: I skipped SHiNDiG this week, which means I didn't drink a beer, but which also means no review of the weekly cask ale. SORRY TO LET MY PUBLIC DOWN.

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