16 October 2011

4-Hour Body: Day 13

Capers! Where all your chocolate cake dreams come true.
In the midst of my binge day yesterday, in between eating chocolate cake and an almond pretzel pastry, a slice of cheese pizza and beer and cookies and milk chocolate... it dawned on me that the idea of binging is a ridiculous one. I already (usually) have fairly good self-control, so encouraging binging behaviour just seems wrong.

And so with that, I decided to quit my diet, yet continue following it, but instead of having a day of enormous cheating once a week, I will just cheat whenever I want to, but on a very small scale.

Dog with great eyelashes, just chillin on the floor at Brewery Creek.
And so rather than go into minute detail about every little thing I ate on the last day of my diet, here is a photo of a dog with lovely eyelashes, who was hanging out at Brewery Creek.

And a video of Tally Ho! who started off Thor Fest II.

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