15 October 2011

4-Hour Body: Day 12

Good morning bad typography mug.
Breakfast: bowl of leftover chili. It was too dry so I added a whole can of tomatoes to it last night and now it is delicious.

Breakfast #2: coffee

Snack: red pepper with lemon dill hummus

Lunch: leftover steak and roasted vegetables from Wednesday; a couple glasses of lime-water from the local movie studio café, where we spotted Sam Neill :O and then IMDB'd him to figure out who he was.

Snack: espresso; a couple handfuls of cacao nibs and two dates (in response to looking at photos of a chocolate cake. CHOCOLATE CAKE)

Dinner: leftover chili

Also: two glasses of Pinot Noir, a tiny bite of a Gold chocolate bar, and the crust off of Jay's Pizza Garden pizza (SO GOOD)

Cheating: It happened in the above sentence. At least I didn't eat a chocolate cake (as I will be doing tomorrow).

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