31 August 2011

Scenes from Marcello

Marcello is the namesake wood-fired pizza restaurant of Marcello Lombardo, whose other namesake and now rival pizzeria, Lombardo's -- about a block away on Commercial Drive -- is run by his ex-wife. It was awarded to Patricia Lombardo as part of a 97-page judgment in a messy divorce a few years back, after she discovered him having an affair with one of their employees.

The full story of the "$1.1 million dustup" can be found here, including details of the 'Dead-beat Dad' postering that went on in the neighbourhood, and allegations of skimming from Lombardo's during the procedings to raise funds for Marcello, which focuses more on fine-dining and is built around a wood-burning oven which also serves as the mouth of a giant sun god head.

It's a dramatic tale filled with passion and pizza. But here's a little story of my own: one told with delicious food.

Ok, it's not a story. It's just a couple photos of what we ate there last week. We started with marinated roasted veggies.

Next up: pizza campagnola -- tomatoes, bocconcini and arugula on tomato sauce. A delightful pizza, though Nicli and Goldies still own my heart.

But it was worth the visit for the dessert alone: raspberry-filled white chocolate ice cream.

Stay tuned for the Lombardo chapter of this story!

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