17 August 2011

Save-On Meats Breakfast Poutine

On the weekend we somehow managed to get up around 10 am to make it down to Save-On Meats, lured by the promise of breakfast poutine.

The wait was not too long considering that there were six of us, and there is only one booth in the restaurant that can seat that many.

Save-On Meats is more of a solo or two-person kind of breakfast place. You can seat four to a booth, but it looks like even then it would be a bit of a tight fit.

There was breakfast poutine aplenty! But I have to say, I was expecting some runny yolks that on first cut would seep into the gravy and mix with the curds. Our poutines were topped with hard poached eggs. A sad waste of a yolk with so much gooey potential. Eating French fries for breakfast most definitely seemed a bit wrong, but if you're going to go the poutine route, I'd recommend specifying over-easy or sunny-side-up.

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