19 August 2011

Rainbow Chard Wraps

I don't know about these rainbow chard wraps yet...

Rainbow chard wraps!
The filling is my attempt at a mock salmon pâté, made in the food processor with walnuts, celery, bell peppers, dulse, dill, dates and lemon juice. The dulse, a sea vegetable, is supposed to impart a seafoody flavour. I don't think I used enough though.

Wrap assembly
The flavour of these things is improved by adding tomatoes and red onions to the wrap, and maybe a little leftover guacamole from Wednesday's stuffed mushroom. Anyway, they are a work in progress. Supposedly they are good for you, and they are definitely filling. But, I'm just not convinced I want to ever eat them again.

They did give me enough energy to take this little lady from down the street for a walk at lunchtime, though.

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