08 August 2011

ISLAND TIME! Delicous Island Time.

I am back from an island tour with a band of vegetarians, vegans and omnivores. Here are some tasty highlights:

Fueling up downtown. Goldies corn pizza and a frapuccino.

Ferrying to the island for a mini Bleating Hearts tour.
Ferrying: a weekend of successive lounging begins. It will involve ferry decks, deck chairs, hammocks, lawn chairs, couches, grasses, beaches, a radio station plaza and a VW van.

FERRY FOOD! As I have previously noted, chocolate milk and lemon meringue pie are my ferry staples.

Wildfire Cafe, Victoria
Wildfire Café! A delicious organic bakery with lots of vegan options. This rye bread stuffed with veggies was so amazing. Also: my second lemon meringue of the weekend.

A better sandwich view. SANDWICH

Huevos Rancheros at Mo:Le
Mo:Le! A delightful place for breakfast in between the equally delightful coffee shop Habit and raw food eatery Café Bliss on Pandora. I ate huevos rancheros and lamb sausage. MmmmMMM. It came with a fan of avocado slices over a roasted apple, carrot & cabbage slaw and some really great salsa.

Raw treats from Café Bliss: Raw and Live Food Café
Café Bliss: Raw and Live Food Café. Snacks for the road included a cookie made of a little bit of everything, a super rich goji berry brownie, and a spicy nori stick that tasted just like beef jerky! No cows added.

Raw milk at Crace Mountain
Speaking of cows: raw milk at Crace Mountain.

Great bands, great friends, great tour.

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