25 August 2011

Go Canadians!

I made it out to the Canadians game last night. My favourite part of Canadians games happens around 8pm, when the sky fills with black birds making their way home for the night. A new, miniature friend was also a highlight of last night's game.

Here's a photo that makes it look like I went to the game 35 years ago.

Concord grapes: still a "basebally" kind of snack, according to Duncan, since you get to spit out the seeds. A fruity alternative to the usual sunflower seeds.

Cheese flavoured Kit Kats, of course.
Cheese-flavoured Kit Kats! Courtesy of Janos. If you let them melt in your mouth, they taste like Smart Food popcorn.

Meta cotton candy photo
A photo of Duncan taking a photo of cotton candy.

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