13 August 2011

Don't Scrap Your Food Scraps! Community Composting in the West End

Hey West End apartment dwellers: you can now bring your food scraps to the Food Scraps Drop Spot at the West End Farmer's Market to compost them! This weekend was the first of a ten-week pilot project, put together by Vancouver Farmer's Markets, Recycling Alternative and the City of Vancouver.

They have super-composting powers: not only do they take the usual veggies, coffee grounds, tea bags and egg shells, but they are also accepting meat, dairy, breads and pastries and paper towels!

They sell these handy bins there, too. They are perfect for apartments with balconies, but I just store my scraps in a large tight-sealing tupperware container that I got at the dollar store. You can also keep your container in the fridge or freezer, to fend off odors and fruit flies.

The program is in its trial phase right now to assess the city's composting needs, so show your support and collect those food scraps and bring them on down next Saturday!

You can also participate in their sticker survey...

Pick up a poster for your lobby to help spread the word...

And while you're at it of course pick up some delicious and colourful local produce.

Then share it with someone you love!


  1. I was there yesterday, too. I didn't buy anything though! Did you see those beautiful golden beets?

  2. I did see them... but I never know what to do with beets! Come with me next Saturday!


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