02 August 2011

Butter Tofu Zucchini Udon & Raw Banana Gelato

The zucchini noodle is the new lazy weeknight dinner. It is just as fast, if not faster, to throw together a sauce and smother some zucchini noodles with it, than to cook a frozen pizza (with less chance of burning it). Finally I have found something lazy that is also good for you! I made zucchini udon curls tonight on a bed of spinach and topped it with some sautéed tofu and onions and totally not homemade butter chicken sauce.

Then I finally broke in my new food processor that I bought last week with this recipe for raw banana gelato. It's pretty complex: freeze a couple ripe bananas, and then process them until they reach a light, creamy texture. It's so healthy that's it's ok to then smother it in delicious gourmet chocolate sauce.

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