11 August 2011

Angel Hair Zucchini with Raw Marinara

It's that zucchini noodle time again! Last night I put my food processor to work and tried my hand at the marinara sauce we learned in raw food class. I'm not becoming an entirely crazy raw foodist or anything: the pasta was smothered with Parmesan cheese.

Making the sauce, I was reminded of what they say about raw food recipes: flavour-wise, the ingredients are never quite the same (eg. no two fruits or vegetables are alike -- some are juicier, riper, tangier, etc., etc.), so the recipe will never come out the same twice. Therefore you have to sort of use raw recipes as a template, adjust the tastes accordingly, and be open to imperfection.

Variety: Now using zucchini squash! Ok it's pretty much just a zucchini, only yellow.


  1. Gorgeous photos! This looks delicious. I'm buying a Spirooli soon and am very excited to make this. So far, I've had to use my mandoline to do raw pasta.


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