16 July 2011

Zakkushi & Boarding Peanut

I took Peanut in when I found out the situation that he was in and took it as an opportunity to look after a cat since I'm considering getting one myself.


They really do get into everything.

cat in a bag

And I can tell that Peanut really misses Michelle.


But he's been really good company so far and seems to have made himself at home for now.


So I felt bad on Friday since I didn't have dinner with Peanut and instead ate at Zakkushi with Richard, where he stomped me with a 400+ point game of Scrabble.

Mentai Kimchi Udon

The Mentai Kimchi Udon was really good and so was the Zakkushi set. But I have to admit that the pitcher of Sapporo was what called us in.

Zakkushi set

I'd never had their onigiri before and it was so tasty. A perfect little cake of rice that's a little crispy on the outside.



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