16 July 2011

While Michelle's Away

It should have been a Thursday like no other, but Peanut awoke to find himself to be strangely not himself.


"What am I doing out here?" He thought.

But through the window he could see himself still asleep.

"How can I be inside and outside? And where's Michelle? Maybe if I got to the beach I'll find her eating pizza."

Peanut, being a cat of very little stuffing managed to find a kind soul to give him a ride to the beach.


At the beach Peanut found Setareh, Mauve, and Jesse (aka The Whitecapettes). They told Peanut that Michelle was going to be away for the weekend and that he'd just have to wait until she returned to solve his existential crisis.


"Can we get some pizza then? I'm hungry, but I don't have any money..." said Peanut.

eyeing pizza

The group arrived at Mainly Organics Pizza (the former site of Pizzo Pizza) and ordered some slices. Peanut selected the classic veggie and what seemed like the Greek but there was ham on it. Diet Pepsi was also involved since Peanut is trying to watch his figure.


However, the pizza did not sate Peanut's hunger or need to explore Michelle's haunts like the grocery store.

frozen pizza

And it's neighboring undergarment store. ("Humans are weird")


But curiosity got the better part of Peanut and he requested the McRib that he heard so much about. The group tried to talk him out of it and offered to go help him find the right cat food since he was going to be on his own this weekend.

pet food

But he refused. "McRib!" He shouted.


"Oh. This...is...kinda terrible."

Click here to see all the photos of Peanut's adventure.


  1. This is amazing. My favourite climatic moment: '"McRib!" he shouted.' I so much want this to be the premise for the next Haruki Marukami novel.

  2. this might be the best thing ever :D


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