27 July 2011

Where Have I Been?

I've been on vacation. I've also been on a RAW FOODS ODYSSEY.

Remember my week of raw foods following a failed Master Cleanse last year? Well I've decided to do some more raw experimenting. This past week I have been dabbling in blue green algae, goji berry soak water (good!), and (not quite yet successful) Rejuvelac-making.

I also completed the Chef Certification class at Raw Food Foundation. This basically means I am a certified raw chef now. We made the following in class:

The Go Green Smoothie (You are supposed to drink a blender-full of this daily.)

Broccoli Soup (Warmed by the horse power of a Vitamix alone.)

Stuffed Portabella Mushroom Caps & Mock Salmon Pâté Collard Roll-Ups (MmmmMMM collard roll-ups.)

Zucchini Fettuccine Alfredo & Angel Hair Pasta with Marinara Sauce (MmmmMMM marinara sauce!)

Date Nut Torte (This is REALLY GOOD.)

I also went to Organic Lives last week, where I ate this delicious raw curry. But more importantly, while I was there, I purchased a Spirooli (Vegetable Spiral Slicer), which I've been using to make noodles out of zucchinis. I LOVE THIS THING. I thought I might use it once or twice then forget it in the back of a cupboard somewhere, but so far I've been pretty obsessed with it. Here is a nice Australian man giving a demo:

Tomorrow I'll post some pictures of my noodle adventures.


  1. I really like that vegetable slicer. Where did you get yours and was it pricey or OK?

  2. I got it here: http://organiclives.org/
    It was only $30! (Though they advertise it for $40 in their online store)

  3. I guess I could have read it a bit more closely. I hadn't heard of Organic Lives, thanks for the link to their website!


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