12 July 2011

Post-Birthday Gluttony

Raincity Grill Dungeness crab benny! I also had French toast with rhubarb compote and maple butter, and a pineapple mimosa. Starting the day right.

Birthday present! Beil on the Beach.

Mmmmm, red-flavoured candy corn!

Later I had to introduce Jay to our new pizza neighbours.

And then I had to pair the pizza with a nice Okanagan wine. The lovely light Cedar Creek Syrah, the first red of my visit to the valley. A smooth and simple Syrah. It can't go wrong with a slice of pizza. RIGHT.

We headed to the free Stanley Park concert (feat. Neko Case), where I crashed the Janos blanket to obtain this amazing vegan sweet potato salad.

The day ended in a swirl of Rihanna videos, popcorn and nutritional yeast and grapefruit ale.

Rihanna's hair matches my candy corn.

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