19 July 2011

Elk Falls & Parrot Meals

Hi! I am back from my vacation and ready to keep talking about my LAST vacation. Props to Janos for taking care of the blog and Mr. P. You really outdid yourself this time, Sitar.

Before I get back to the Okanagan, here's a taste of Campbell River.

I didn't take many food photos while I was up there, but here's what I was eating when we reached Elk Falls, after a 2 km hike through the rainforest.

The Local Market & Café had some really delicious seafood chowder and rhubarb crumble. I suspect they might even make the best sandwiches in town, despite claims made by other establishments.

I also got some food photos and videos of what the parrots were eating at the World Parrot Refuge in Coombs. Aside from the awesome green dude pictured here and some cockatoos that were really into shaking hands, the African Greys were my favourites:

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