18 July 2011

Closing Night at the Beaver Dam

Saturday night Claudia and Liz had the last party at their place, The Beaver Dam, and I roasted red peppers and garlic for the hummus that I was bringing. I'd never done it in my toaster oven before and was surprised that it worked out really well. I split the peppers in half and removed the seeds before coating them in olive oil. I turned the toaster oven up to 350 and pulled them out once they had blackened on the skin and gone fairly soft. I let them cool in a bowl and peeled the skin off before using them in the hummus. The garlic took a bit longer.

roasted red peppers

At the Dam they served pulled pork sandwiches that were so good that I ate it before I thought to take a picture. The same goes for the potato salad based on Rosanne Cash's recipe with with extra pickles (big chunks of pickles is my kryptonite).

And the coleslaw, oh. The coleslaw.


Shappy brought a chocolate cake from True Confections that we decimated.

But the biggest surprise of the night was that Anna and Duncan brought Elenore with them. Peanut was excited to meet them but couldn't abide by the handwash rule, so he merely observed.

elenore and peanut

And got his own cuddles in with Anna.

anna and peanut

Aaron Also got his cuddles in. Oh Peanut!


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