13 June 2011

Sports Night #2 at London Pub

We watched sports again Saturday night but IT WAS AN ACCIDENT! I met with Janos for beers at London Pub, and by the time Jay showed up there was a $10 cover to get in. Apparently a UFC fight was happening and we had barely noticed. We promised the bouncers we were just there for beers and weren't watching the fight at all, and they let us all stay. On this night, I learned that if you get punched hard enough, you can bleed out of your pores! We didn't mean to watch, but it was inevitable.

Having come from EAT! Vancouver I'd already had my share of microbrewery samples that day, but I went on to drink a Russell Wee Angry Scotch Ale and it was very nice. And I ate the above photographed foods.

When that wasn't enough, I also ate an apple. This seagull helped me finish it off (note how he swallows it whole at the end):

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