27 June 2011

Off The Wagon

Apologies for my recent lack of updates; I've been out of the province and internetless at Sled Island in Calgary. I took the bus there, and if you're going to take the bus somewhere from Vancouver in summer, I recommend leaving early Wednesday evening, so you can stock up on delicious foods at the Main Street Farmer's Market.

I ate at the Off The Wagon food cart, and I had one yam & bean and one pulled pork taco. I recommend the latter, which comes with a nice purple cabbage slaw. Overall the tacos were a little light on cilantro and heavy on the onion, and they could probably learn a couple things about flavour from Cartel Taco. In any case it was much better than the standard McDonalds option at Terminal Station, though if I'd known how much pulled pork I'd be eating in Calgary I might have opted for something else.

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