28 June 2011

Memories of Sled Island, Part 3

A breakfast of No Gold and Guinness and scrambed egg pizza was followed by breakfast number two on the roof of Broken City, where they were serving free pulled pork sandwiches.

Jessica retrieved the previous night's Taro bubble tea from the bushes on 11th Ave.

Lunch at Burger Inn!

Where you can eat burgers made of elk, buffalo, wild boar and ostrich, to name a few.

While waiting for your order, check out some of the artwork on display.



I went with the ostrich burger.

It was surprisingly quite good.

I was impressed. I know, it doesn't look all that exciting, but the flavour is all in the meat.

A return to Broken City for nachos and one last show.


Homeward bound... Another stop at Legendz in Golden.

Essential road trip fuel: Crunchie bits, Chewy-centred Gobstoppers and Doritos.

A new friend in Abbotsford!

The car McRib: a McRib to end the McRib love affair. It was short but sweet (and tangy).

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