28 June 2011

Memories of Sled Island, Part 2

We said our goodbyes to our new dog friends...

...and ate more delicious foods prepared by their owner for breakfast.

Back at Henry (the artists' lounge) for more free beer and mens' fashion tips.

Lemon tea beer: pretty good.

We had planned on dining at CHARCUT on Friday, but I got waylaid by this sign.

There's no way of getting away with this love affair. What does it mean?

It means that your love of the McRib is doomed. While it tastes delicious after free beers at Henry, just wait til you try it again on the car ride home...

We watched Neil Hamburger get punched in the face, and then we went to ThaiTai.
Me: So, do you serve Thai food? Because this menu looks pretty Vietnamese.
Lady: ...
Me: Is it perhaps a Thai-Vietnamese fusion?
Lady: ...It's Vietnamese.

We picnicked at the cold and windy Muster Point.

Poor Jessica. She looks so happy here, poisoning herself with food. Hour after hour of throwing up awaits.


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