20 June 2011

The Grāpple

What is a Grāpple? (Pronounced gray-pull.) Aside from being a fruit that comes in ridiculous form-fitting moulded plastic overpackaging... It smells like a grape and looks like an apple! And tastes like a bit of both. Is it some kind of crazy new genetically modified fruit? Should I be worried that normal grapes are about to become extinct or start growing my own crop of heirloom apples?

No. Because a Grāpple is just an apple. But it's been bathed in grape flavour! And that's why they need that packaging, to keep the grape smell sealed in. I have to say I was pretty pleased that these things were quite juicy and delicious, both grapey and appley. It's like two fruits for the price of one! (Errrr, actually, for the price of a few more, because it cost me $4.99 for 4 of them at Safeway, and that was on sale.)

I am pretty happy just eating a regular apple, so with all the additional plastic that's involved here, it's hard to fully stand behind the Grāpple. But I nevertheless approve of these, if only for the sake of novelty. It's still a more nutritious snack than, say, a McDonalds hot fudge sundae. Or you could do what I did today and eat both.

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