01 June 2011

Cat Burritos & Peanut Hot Dogs

This has been more of a Peanut blog than a food blog lately... so let's talk about Peanut's food! This is all the other stuff besides food that he has to ingest... heart medication, antibiotics, phosphate binders, subcutaneous fluids and some kind of anti-nausea/pain medication. On top of this, I have had to learn how to force feed a cat, because since he's been sick Peanut has not been too interested in eating food.

This nice guy on the internet shows us how to make a cat burrito, demonstrating on one of Peanut's tuxedo cousins. The cat burrito method makes it a lot easier to slowly and gently force food into their mouths. Even so, you will likely still end up with some food splattered over your cat's face, and yours as well. (I almost got cat food in my eye last night.)

I took P back to the vet and they gave him an appetite stimulant, as well as this delicious looking all-meat fruits-de-mer gourmet cat food. I would even eat this stuff! Ok no I wouldn't. But Peanut ate some of it on his own.

SOLIDARITY CAT FOOD! I ate a salmon salad sandwich. I gave P a bit of salmon too.

Somebody needs to get his tuxedo patched up! Peanut is not looking too pleased here, because I just gave him his second sub-q injection. The first one didn't go so well because he kept trying to roll over. With a needle stuck in his back. The second time, I was able to restrain him by sitting with my legs stretched out, with P in the middle like a Peanut hot dog.

I wanted to thank everyone for their support with the Peanut hospital bill fund. You've all been so generous and the inpouring of Peanut love has really helped ease the stress of this time. I'll be leaving donations open for another couple of weeks if anyone else would like to donate.

The vet's prognosis for Peanut is "guarded;" I guess this means things could go either way. Peanut is the coolest cat I've ever met and we've had ten really fun years together. I can only hope for the best and be happy for the time we've had. This food blog now returns to its regularly scheduled programming.

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