05 June 2011

Burrito Waste

I made it out to some Music Waste events this weekend, mostly subsisting on burritos. Pictured above: a Johnny-O from Budgie's Burritos.

Coffee Waste! An iced Americano with cream and brown sugar at Gene.

Musical accompaniment: Tassels (the guy with the laptop, not the fire hydrant). One of the highlights of Music Waste for me.

Weed at Neptoon Records.

Stopped at home to check in on the patient.

Jay's homemade burrito goo! Feat. eggs, black beans, mushrooms, tomato and avocado.

Jay multitasking.

Later, two of my favourite local bands shared the bill at the Waldorf: Watermelon...

...and No Gold! Worth staying out til 2 am for.

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