29 June 2011

See Ya Later!

See Ya Later is the name of a winery in the Okanagan. And the Okanagan is where I'm going, tonight! So I basically just got back from my trip, and now I'm going on a trip again.

In the meantime I have been living off of pizza.

While on the topic, there have been more mystery pizza button sightings.

Also. Last night Jay made me dinner and we watched Top Chef Canada. I'm pretty sure I know who will win next week, which makes me sad because I really like the other two contestants. But I could be wrong.

See you in the Okanagan!

28 June 2011

Memories of Sled Island, Part 3

A breakfast of No Gold and Guinness and scrambed egg pizza was followed by breakfast number two on the roof of Broken City, where they were serving free pulled pork sandwiches.

Jessica retrieved the previous night's Taro bubble tea from the bushes on 11th Ave.

Lunch at Burger Inn!

Where you can eat burgers made of elk, buffalo, wild boar and ostrich, to name a few.

While waiting for your order, check out some of the artwork on display.



I went with the ostrich burger.

It was surprisingly quite good.

I was impressed. I know, it doesn't look all that exciting, but the flavour is all in the meat.

A return to Broken City for nachos and one last show.


Homeward bound... Another stop at Legendz in Golden.

Essential road trip fuel: Crunchie bits, Chewy-centred Gobstoppers and Doritos.

A new friend in Abbotsford!

The car McRib: a McRib to end the McRib love affair. It was short but sweet (and tangy).

Memories of Sled Island, Part 2

We said our goodbyes to our new dog friends...

...and ate more delicious foods prepared by their owner for breakfast.

Back at Henry (the artists' lounge) for more free beer and mens' fashion tips.

Lemon tea beer: pretty good.

We had planned on dining at CHARCUT on Friday, but I got waylaid by this sign.

There's no way of getting away with this love affair. What does it mean?

It means that your love of the McRib is doomed. While it tastes delicious after free beers at Henry, just wait til you try it again on the car ride home...

We watched Neil Hamburger get punched in the face, and then we went to ThaiTai.
Me: So, do you serve Thai food? Because this menu looks pretty Vietnamese.
Lady: ...
Me: Is it perhaps a Thai-Vietnamese fusion?
Lady: ...It's Vietnamese.

We picnicked at the cold and windy Muster Point.

Poor Jessica. She looks so happy here, poisoning herself with food. Hour after hour of throwing up awaits.


27 June 2011

Memories of Sled Island

Nigel, carrot thief.

Homemade muffins and delicious coffees from our gracious hostess.

Tubby Dog yam fries.

Free beer and shiny silver foosball in the artists' lounge!

More free beer.

Farm with Shena! Local Tomato Salad: Broxburn tomatoes, pickled celery, fried panko, double cream brie dressing, basil.

Mac 'n' cheese with smoked pork shoulder.

Dense white sponge cake with rhubarb compote, sweet sheep's cheese and bee pollen.

Old Faithful.

Off The Wagon

Apologies for my recent lack of updates; I've been out of the province and internetless at Sled Island in Calgary. I took the bus there, and if you're going to take the bus somewhere from Vancouver in summer, I recommend leaving early Wednesday evening, so you can stock up on delicious foods at the Main Street Farmer's Market.

I ate at the Off The Wagon food cart, and I had one yam & bean and one pulled pork taco. I recommend the latter, which comes with a nice purple cabbage slaw. Overall the tacos were a little light on cilantro and heavy on the onion, and they could probably learn a couple things about flavour from Cartel Taco. In any case it was much better than the standard McDonalds option at Terminal Station, though if I'd known how much pulled pork I'd be eating in Calgary I might have opted for something else.

20 June 2011

The Grāpple

What is a Grāpple? (Pronounced gray-pull.) Aside from being a fruit that comes in ridiculous form-fitting moulded plastic overpackaging... It smells like a grape and looks like an apple! And tastes like a bit of both. Is it some kind of crazy new genetically modified fruit? Should I be worried that normal grapes are about to become extinct or start growing my own crop of heirloom apples?

No. Because a Grāpple is just an apple. But it's been bathed in grape flavour! And that's why they need that packaging, to keep the grape smell sealed in. I have to say I was pretty pleased that these things were quite juicy and delicious, both grapey and appley. It's like two fruits for the price of one! (Errrr, actually, for the price of a few more, because it cost me $4.99 for 4 of them at Safeway, and that was on sale.)

I am pretty happy just eating a regular apple, so with all the additional plastic that's involved here, it's hard to fully stand behind the Grāpple. But I nevertheless approve of these, if only for the sake of novelty. It's still a more nutritious snack than, say, a McDonalds hot fudge sundae. Or you could do what I did today and eat both.

Jaytron Weekend

The weekend: IPA taste test! Feat. Jaytron.

Later this.

And this.


Sunday: BBQ salmon with ginger and lime and asparagus!
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