06 May 2011

24 Hours of Live from Thunderbird Radio Hell

Last Thursday and Friday blurred together, due to playing in two sets at 24 Hours of Live from Thunderbird Radio Hell, and trying, though not too hard and most definitely unsuccessfully, to stay up the whole night through.

I was excited about being back at my old stomping grounds -- the SUB at UBC; mostly excited about the prospect of eating at such establishments as Curry Point (first ever and still the best ever butter chicken of my life) and Blue Chip Cookies, where one would find the Marbellous Cookie, a fudgey chocolate cookie crowned with a giant smudge of white chocolate.

Sadly, the two sets I played, at 9:30 pm and then 7 am, were outside of the hours of operation of both of these places, and so neither chicken nor cookie graced my belly.

I did however manage to snag the second-to-last slice of pizza at Pie R Squared before they closed.

Other meals were provided by vending machines, and random snacks that I found laying around the CiTR office.


Friday night I kind of forgot to eat dinner, but made up for that with nachos in bed at midnight. I also did an experiment to see if rubbing lemon juice on an avocado makes it stay fresh-looking longer. Conclusion: no.

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