29 May 2011

Save Peanut

Peanut has been in the hospital all weekend with kidney problems. They haven't figured out the specifics yet, but when he started losing interest in eating food about two weeks ago, we knew something was up. They've got him on an IV and his vital signs are looking good. The bill so far is over $2000, and with his ultrasound scheduled for Monday, it's expected to climb to $3000 this week. Which, when averaged out across his lifetime, is a small price to pay for such an exceptional fur companion.

I've placed a donate button in the top left margin of this page. Please consider leaving a donation of any amount to help with Peanut's hospital bills. Every little bit counts!

In the meantime, check out some of Peanut's adventures here on this blog. A few of my favourites:

Helping me set up for the Master Cleanse.

Taking a swipe at my pizza pop.

Contemplating a beet.

Helping me plant my first window box herb garden.

Hanging out with a can of trout.

Still life with radishes.

Just lounging on a cutting board.

More cutting board lounging.

Being eaten by a cheese Pac Man.

Oh, Peanut. My favourite dinner companion.


  1. Oh, Peanut. I will donate soon!

  2. Thank you Jackie <3 and thanks to everyone who has donated so far! Peanut is feeling the love.

  3. Poor little boy. :( I hope he gets better ASAP.

  4. Hello Michelle! So sorry to hear about the health condition of your kitty :/ I was looking around your blog and I love Vancouver, your kitty, your sense of humor, and pictures! Looking forward to our new foodie friendship!


  5. Thanks guys :) Peanut is at home right now relaxing and purring up a storm.


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