15 May 2011

I Got Crabs At The Dollarton Crab Shop

On Friday we went to the Dollarton Crab Shop in North Van for lunch, which resulted in me picking up dinner for later: crab cakes ($4 each), halibut cakes ($3 each) and shrimp cakes (3 for $7.50).

The Crab Shop also has fish-shaped chairs, and sells T-shirts emblazoned with the title of this blog post.

Cake tasting picnic! My favourite was the halibut cake (bottom left).

We also made two kinds of tartar sauce... one made with homemade mayonnaise (made of egg yolk, olive oil, lemon juice and dry mustard)...

...and one made with Hellman's, which I made Jay go buy when I realized that my homemade mayo tasted terrible. The latter, based on one of a few such recipes from The Ocean Wise Cookbook, was really delicious. I used less tarragon and more pickle than the recipe in the book called for, so it went something like this:

Tartar Sauce

1 cup mayonnaise
2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice
1 Tbsp finely minced onion
2 Tbsp finely diced pickle
1 Tbsp chopped capers
1 Tbsp finely chopped dill
sprinkle of tarragon
pinch of salt

Directions: Mix all ingredients together; dip seafood cakes or battered fish into mixture and then place inside mouth.

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