11 May 2011

Blueberry-Quinoa Salad & Coconut Sweet Potato Soup

I found myself still in Mairlyn-mode this week, so I made another quinoa salad from her new book.

This one tastes SO INTERESTING. (In a good way.) There are so many different ingredients you wouldn't think of putting together, including blueberries, parsley, pimento-stuffed green olives, orange zest, cinnamon, apple cider and grated ginger.

I also made use of some leftover sweet potatoes with a new recipe from the upcoming reprint of Soup: A Kosher Collection, that includes ginger, lime and coconut milk. WHAT A NIGHT OF INTERESTING FLAVOURS! I love cookbooks. I LOVE FOOD

1 comment:

  1. I have done all sorts of things with quinoa, but never thought to add blueberries. That my dear, is brilliant!


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