02 April 2011

Tomato Basil Bread

I made some bread.

But this time, I used half a can of whole tomatoes in place of water. I was following this recipe, but really only the part that says I'm thinking that you could try replacing all or some of the water with fresh tomatoes in pretty much any bread recipe.

I puréed the tomatoes and added a little water to bring it to 2 cups' worth; used 2 tsp yeast, and sprinkled in some basil and sunflower seeds. Whereas with this recipe I'd usually add 4 cups of flour (and I'm still using only whole wheat flour), this dough only seemed to need about 3 1/4 cups to reach the usual consistency. I mixed and kneaded just a little in the bowl, then let sit covered on the counter for 20 minutes. Then I mixed in 1/2 tsp salt and kneaded a little more. I was lazy about kneading. The dough then sat covered in the fridge for two days, with me tending to it every once in a while (maybe 3 times altogether) to fold it over.

One other thing I did differently this time: putting a baking dish filled with water in the oven along with the bread to create some steam.

Other Friday night foods close to the Cambie/Broadway Canada Line stop: A carne asada Chronic Taco.

Caffè Artigiano Americano + muffin.

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