25 April 2011

Salt Spring Island Saturday Market

While on the island, we naturally made a visit to the Salt Spring Island Saturday Market. Here's a little guy we met there.

I didn't make it out to the Salt Spring Island Cheese Company like I'd hoped to, but I did have Mr. Salt Spring Cheese himself, David Wood, cut my Montaña for me at their table. I sampled almost every cheese they had, and every cheese from Moonstruck Organic Cheese as well.

I brought home some of Salt Spring's Montaña -- a sheep's milk cheese -- and Romelia -- an intense surface ripened cheese. If there hadn't been such a line-up at Moonstruck, I would have come home with some Ash-Ripened Camembert as well.

I purchased some lavender coffee from Sacred Mountain Lavender's purple table.

And here's Sonya with a tomato tart that we got pretty excited about.

Some busking ladies.

Busking ladies from the other side.

I did not eat this,

nor these,

nor these, but I wish I had.

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